Progetto Sidro

SIDRO project

14 February 2023

Gruppo ESEA versatility has allowed the company to take part in the MITE program (Ministry of the Ecological Transition) by winning the SIDRO project aimed at the development of “Innovative technologies for the storage and transport of hydrogen”, with particular focus on the “research and development of components, systems and solutions for the transport and distribution of hydrogen”.

SIDRO aims to develop innovative technological solutions for the production of composite material tanks for pressurized hydrogen (pressure vessels). These tanks will be destined to road transport vehicles and more specifically in zero emissions fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV).

The technological solutions that will be developed in the project will make it possible to give the SIDRO class tanks completely innovative performance characteristics compared to the current standards, associated with a significant reduction in production costs and an increase in performance.

The scientific partner of the SIDRO project is CETMA, a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) that has been conducting applied research, experimental development and technology transfer activities in the advanced materials sector for over 20 years (composites, polymers, bio-based materials and from recycling).