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Customized Special Machines

Choose the experience of Gruppo Esea, leader in the production of special machines since 1980. Our engineers create innovative solutions tailored to customers, ensuring our success in a constantly expanding market.


We develop machining equipment for the production of European space launchers.

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Comp. Manufacturing

We develop technologies for the automatic production of parts in composite material.

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We manufacture equipment for testing compressed hydrogen in composite tanks.

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Build test benches in accordance with NATO standards and crates for transporting missile systems.

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Pharma industry

Updating and training are our strength in Good Manufacturing Practices.

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We design and manufacture complete lines for component processing and assembly.

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Mechanical and
Industrial Automation

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Research Lab

Research and development

ESEA has an in-house R&D laboratory, with a range of in-house test labs and production machines for all technologies in its portfolio.

ESEA forms partnerships with research centers to build the future of composite : our team of experts does most of our innovative research and offers versatile services to customers, helping them to choose equipment and to maximize the operating flexibility and production rate.

Commissioning, checks and periodic checks: discover the services of Gruppo Esea

The ESEA assistance department is able to support customers during on-site commissioning, offering a collaborative remote assistance system, via Augmented Reality, with undoubted advantages in terms of time and cost containment.

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