Case History

Tire balancing line

Tire balancing line

The balancing machine is responsible for balancing the tire to define the position of the weights.

The tire passes through two main stations:

Pneumatic centering station

In this station the first balancing of the tire takes place to define the position of the weights.

The balancing machine is placed under a tubular carpentry structure of appropriate thickness on top of which two synchronous belts are placed.

The belts will have a vertical movement controlled by an asynchronous screw motor to allow the tire to be placed exactly on the vertical of the balancing machine spindle using appropriate references.

Weights assembly station

A system of electrically controlled Cartesian axes with pneumatically controlled self-centering mechanical gripper will be mounted on the structure.

The manipulator, placed above the first balancing station, has the task of handling the tire and moving it to the manual weight insertion station.

Once in position, the tire will be rotated into the lead insertion position by means of a gear motor and rotating clamps.

The weight assembly operation can be completed on both sides.

The manipulator then deposits the tire on the roller conveyor of the second balancing machine.