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Towpreg Lab Scale – ERMES

Towpreg Lab Scale – ERMES

The TOW-PREG has been designed for impregnating dry tow coils with resin, equipped with a unit for unwinding dry tow fiber coils, an impregnation unit with two interchangeable modules for working with thermosetting and thermoplastic resins, and a rewinding unit with temperature and humidity control.
The improvements achievable with this solution compared to technologies currently available on the market are:

  1. Up to 50% reduction in production costs compared to the
    use of slit-tape, thanks to the absence of slitting, the
    possibility of implementing “just-in-time” management to
    avoid the costs of long periods of storage in refrigerated
    warehouses, and the high maximum process speed,
    estimated at around 200 m/min.
  2. High reliability, repeatability, and quality control of the
    material in terms of fiber/matrix ratio and therefore uniform
    and controlled properties in the final tank, thanks to the
    automatic feedback system based on in-line grammage
    control sensor and the neural network integrated into the
    machine software.
  3. Possibility to reduce safety factors adopted in tank design,
    thanks to improved control of the production process.
  4. Ability to process resins critical from the perspective of
    viscous behavior, thanks to the progressive heating system.

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