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SIDRO Project

SIDRO Project

The SIDRO project is developing innovative technological solutions for the production of type IV or V composite pressure vessels for heavy transportation, with the aim of achieving storage pressures of over 700 bar, allowing for an increase in storable hydrogen.

The main innovative solutions proposed will include:

  • Each of the necessary phases for the production of the vessel (preimpregnation, deposition, consolidation), which will be optimized to reduce production costs, maximize productivity, minimize the use of composite materials, and minimize defects.
  • The implementation of an inline control system that will help reduce defects in the final component.
  • The implementation of a new procedure for verifying the performance of the vessel, which will be a prerequisite for certification testing.

A prototype production line will be set up at CETMA laboratories and will focus on the study of preimpregnation and deposition processes. A second, larger-scale prototype line will be set up at ESEA laboratories and will have a high level of automation, allowing for the study and optimization of all parameters strongly dependent on the production process scale. It will also be equipped with an innovative online quality monitoring method and software with artificial intelligence algorithms.