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Case History

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Launcher of vector missiles for satellites or other equipment

The launcher was built in collaboration with the Aerospace Engineering School at the University of Rome, to study the possible transformation of the former navy flagship aircraft carrier "Galilei" into a ship capable of launching vector missiles to send satellites or other equipment on orbit.

Continuous Compression Moulding (CCM) for thermoplastic composites

The machine was designed and built on the basis of solutions developed by CETMA (Research Organization - Brindisi, Italy). Its features include compactness, high degree of automation, high productivity and optimal product performance in terms of tolerances, matrix morphology and minimization of defects. The supply includes the optimization of process parameters based on specific customer requirements.

Sliding Cover

The Sliding Cover was designed and built to protect aerospace engines from contamination from the external environment, during the transport phase from the plant to the launch station.

Impregnation/panel machine

The impregnation machine has been designed and built to carry out the impregnation of fabric and the subsequent creation of composite panels for the molding of parts for the aeronautical sector.

AFP Machine

The AFP machine was designed and built to deposit innovative thermoplastic and thermosetting composite products, for the production of parts for the aeronautical sector.

Spring preload press for Vega Launcher

The "Spring preload press" machine has the the function of preloading the spring of the Spring Assy before installing it inside the IS2-3 Vega C structure.

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