Case History

Transport STC

Container: The transport container is designed to provide a clean and controlled environment for space equipment. Constructed with antistatic materials and equipped with HEPA filters, it maintains a cleanliness class 100,000 (ISO 8), minimizing the buildup of electrostatic charges.
The inert gas environmental control system ensures optimal pressure, temperature, and humidity conditions.
With optimized accessibility through a side door and a reliable locking system, the container ensures maximum safety and protection during the transportation and storage of space payloads.

Trolley: The trolley has been precision-engineered for the safe and reliable handling of delicate space payloads. Constructed from high-strength stainless steel, it features swivel wheels with non-slip brakes for optimal maneuverability on any surface.
Ergonomic and removable handles allow for easy transport, while integrated stabilizers ensure exceptional stability during critical operations.
With advanced electrical insulation and the use of antistatic materials, the trolley ensures the safety and protection of sensitive payloads in the space environment.