Case History

SPTF Test Bench

The SPTF is a testing and development center for space propulsion located in Perdasdefogu, Sardinia, Italy.

The Esea Group has contributed to the realization of this important project.
The facility plays a fundamental role in the study and validation of propulsion technologies for rockets, liquid propellant engines and thrust systems used in space exploration.
The SPTF is designed to conduct a series of crucial tests for the evaluation and validation of space engines.
These tests may include:

  1. Engine ignition tests: Verify the reliability and performance of the engine under simulated flight conditions.
  2. Endurance tests: Assess the engine’s long-term durability and its ability to operate in extreme conditions.
  3. Environmental compatibility tests: Examine how the engine responds to various environmental factors such as temperature, pressure and vibrations.
  4. Flight simulation tests: Reproduce the operating conditions of an engine during launch and operation in space.