Case History

Popping candy reactor

Popping candy reactor

This line has been designed and built for the production of popping candies by pressurizing nitrogen.

The machine consists of:

  • Flanged stainless steel tank SA 240 TYPE 304L ASME 2010 + A11
  • Cooling jacket in AISI 304l stainless steel
  • Product loading hopper in AISI SA 312 TP 304 stainless steel
  • Rotating shaft with scraping blade with 10/100 holes for internal circulation of the cooling fluid
  • Motorization unit consisting of a 400vca 1400g/m motor, mechanical speed variator and reducer to bring the number of operating revolutions between 25 ÷ 150 g / min
  • Support frame of the reactor and motorization unit to be anchored to the support bench, made of painted steel.
  • Double mechanical seal for high pressures approximately (60 bar – 130 c) for rotating shaft 25 ÷ 150 rpm. The mechanical seal can work dry or be lubricated with water at 3 ÷ 5 bar 80C °.
    The seal is equipped with a safety pressure gauge with contacts for detecting excessive internal pressure.
  • Electric panel and control panel.