Case History

Femcare products packaging machine

Femcare products packaging machine

The machine is responsible for gluing the flaps of the boxes containing sanitary pads loaded manually by the operator.

The transport section of the machine consists of six traction chains and an adjustment one.

The drive system is entrusted to a motor group and a gearmotor.

The operator (at the beginning of the line) manually loads the boxes onto the machine.

The operator is protected by two light barriers that immediately halts the line in case of intervention.

Once the barriers are rearmed, a photocell under the transport detects the presence of the box and activates its advancement.

The box advances until it reaches the printer which prints on the lower flap, the codes set by the operator on the operator panel’s display.

The glue is deposited on the lower flaps near the glue applicators.

The cases are finally sealed by two “Flap Closing Guides” and then ejected from the machine.