Case History

Fabric preparation table

Fabric preparation table

The “Fabric preparation table” machine was designed and built for unwinding, cutting and coupling rubber sheets (tubular shape).

The machine is divided into the following main groups:

  • Turret holder for calendered;
  • Driving axis;
  • Cutting axis;
  • Working table;

Turret holder

The calendered seats are located on the turret and are equipped with motors, brakes, photocells for recovery and the material end sensor.
Each calendered place and its recovery have independent electric motors, complete with pneumatic brakes and couplings. The pneumatic brakes of the calendered units are managed and regulated by the operator panel on the machine.

Driving axis

The drive axis, placed at the end of the turret, has the function of feeding the joining table in an automatic, precise and repetitive way, respecting the parameters of the set recipe.

Cutting axis

The cutting and joining axis consist of a carriage with guides and ball bushings, moved by an electric motor speed-controlled by an inverter. The cutting blade is mounted on it.
The cutting pressure exerted by the blade is given by a pneumatic membrane cylinder, governed by a proportional valve that can be set from the recipe.

Working table

The working table, also in electro-welded tubular steel and top in stainless steel, has a maximum length of 1500 mm. The front part (at the exit of the material) is for 500 mm at complete level, while for the other 1000 mm is opened in the center to allow the operator to reach the exiting material from the machine.