Case History

Cryogenic Engine Assembly line

The cryogenic engine assembly line is a sophisticated system that manages all stages of the process, from the arrival of the engine to packaging.
Engines are transported on pallet jacks and positioned on the interface via AGV.
This interface allows secure locking of the engine for subsequent operations. Once positioned, the engine is lowered into the working pit, where automatic assembly stages take place using weight compensators and automatic screwdrivers. During this process, the engine can be manually rotated along the vertical axis to facilitate access to components.

To complete the assembly, the engine will be horizontally flipped by the anthropomorphic arm and then repositioned vertically at the end of the process.
Once the engine is completed, it is transferred for packaging where the engine is released and transferred to the crate loading station, ready for packaging and transportation.

All movement operations/orientation changes of the engine (vertical/horizontal) are managed via AGV or robots to ensure precision and safety in the process.
This automated approach optimizes engine assembly and packaging, minimizing errors and increasing overall line productivity.