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The spread of the robots in the manufacturing industry dates back to the early 70s and as the years go by has gained huge approval thanks to the considerable reduction of production costs, the increase in productivity ‘, improving the standard of quality’ and not last, the possibility ‘of eliminating risky tasks or alienating for the human operator inserted in the production process.

Nowadays robotics technology is widespread in all industrial processes and in all the phases which compose them, the robots do the work with the utmost speed and accuracy, for twenty-four hours a day and in extreme environmental conditions

ESEA Automation S.r.l. and Comau together, one of the leading companies in the industry, is one of the largest in the territory for the design, construction, programming and integration of robotic systems.

The applications are the most varied and include:

  • handling
  • assembly
  • palletizing
  • Loading and unloading machines
  • welding
  • dosing
  • deburring
  • fastening

Esea Automation s.r.l.. realizes advanced driving robot applications with artificial vision systems and working with robots from different manufacturers including Comau, Kuka and ABB.

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