Mar 162011

Ensuring the flow of information of the production process in real time, the sensor system to the management, is the real solution to improve production efficiency, reduce losses and increase profits. In fact, the ideal production would provide machines capable of producing continously at maximum speed, without stops or inactivity and without producing waste. But this is impossible, since the production lines suffer stoppages or produce defective parts.

These problems are the cause of the reduction in the efficiency of the machines, and for this reason it is vital for companies to have real-time information necessary to reduce inefficiencies and improve productivity, according to the indexes OEE detectable directly from the production system. For this ESEA Automation srl offers simple, affordable solutions to manage the flow of information coming from the production line, aggregate them and dispose of them in a clear and simple way for managers who run the company, bridging the gap that too often exists between the plant floor and management and business planning.

The platforms proposed by ESEA Automation srl allow you to manage the component Historian of collecting and recording data, and component-based Web Analyst for displaying key performance indicators (KPI, OEE) for the analysis of data and the dashboard of the production. Thanks to these solutions, our customers will know the real productive capacity of their systems, lines and machinery, easily identifying the criticality ‘and imperfections and then they will have the information necessary to improve efficiency. The production plants thereby increase their value and improving productivity increases profit and reduces the recovery time of the investment, while increasing the competitiveness of the company. For this reason ESEA offers low-cost tools to collect all the information from the real-time production flows, connect the tools to the IT (ERP, SAP) directly to the lines and analyze the production coefficients using tables and graphs in an architecture integrated.

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