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May 012013



We are one: when we put on the field the professionalism of each and everyone to achieve the objectives.

We are one:  when  with commitment we can meet the needs’ of those who turn to us.

We are one: when we put ourselves in the game, with all the passion and energy that we have in our hearts..

We solve with high knowledge and professionalism your problems and your needs.

This is the spirit of the ESEA Group, it is composed by more than 80 professionals working across the region and nationally.

We were born from the will and perseverance of men who have been able to transform your requirements into their work, your requests in priorities, your problems into solutions, and they were able to overcome the distance between your current situation and your desires.  Only the union of so many can’ multiply the strength of the individual to ensure, always, excellence and reliability.



Agreement for the development and installation of systems management and control of production (MES).
Agreement for the development and installation of systems of supervision and control of industrial processes and tertiary sectors.
Agreement for the adaptation and the safety of machines, production lines and industrial plants.
Agreement for the deployment and configuration of software for energy management and maintenance management.
Agreement for the installation of equipment (inverter) for energy saving and high efficiency motors.
Agreement for the installation of pneumatic equipment with low consumption, for the study and the choice of solutions for energy saving.
Agreement for the study and the choice of solutions, in the fields of steam, for energy saving.
Agreement for the study and the choice of solutions, in the field of compressed air, for energy savings.

Agreement for the design and installation of artificial vision systems.




The range of services of the ESEA GROUP  is designed to meet every need of the customer or the company.

Our flexibility allows us to identify and respond promptly and professionally to the different problems but above all to face and solve adapting to customer perception that really matters

But it would not be possible to take it without the experience of our group that makes multi-functionality of a way of being and thinking.



In the industrial and production current contextis no longer suffice to offer specialized solutions.

The important thing is to offer customized solutions.

For this reason the Group ESEA is able to customize their proposals, adapting perfectly to the needs of customers in a highly professional and above all in full compliance with the agreed timetable.

Our challenge is based on your needs: build around you the best solutions.

Professionalism, experience, responsiveness, proximity are some of our targets.

Working with the Group ESEA will always be at the center of Our interests, also becoming collaborators in the design, implementation and tuning of your systems.

You at the center of it all, our first value, because the client must always be satisfied.



Our strength lies in the knowledge of the territory in which we are born, its trends, its needs.

But our roots in the reality of the Italy Center is supported by the ability to cross regional boundaries.

This allows us to operate without losing sight of the territorial peculiarities, offering targeted solutions and competitive.

The Group ESEA has all the signs and the advantages of the local partner, but derives from a training and experience gained at national level.

In Italy the Group ESEA is constantly expanding, thanks to an innovative approach and the willingness to explore new horizons.

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